Welcome to a bonus Friday episode of Believing the Bizarre. This bonus episode is all about combining a fun Patreon game with the fantastic, hilarious, and talented Josh from Haunting Season. We play Do You Believe the Bizarre - where each round we present one real story and one fake story to Josh and he must decide which is believable and which is unbelievable. We also pick Josh’s brain on Tiktok, YouTube, and get a fantastic personal ghost story.

Make sure to follow and subscribe to Haunting Season on all of his platforms here: https://drum.io/hauntingseason

He really does put out amazing - and creepy - content that we highly recommend and know you’ll like!

If you enjoyed the game we played with Josh, check out our Patreon, where Charlie and I play Do You Believe the Bizarre every single month: https://www.patreon.com/believingthebizarre

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